Graphic Design course

Learn to create graphic design projects from scratch, build a portfolio and start to earn on your talent in 5 weeks.
/6571 learners
4, 6
Study with a live teacher online!
Graphic Design course
Learn to create graphic design projects from scratch, build a portfolio and start to earn on your talent in 5 weeks.
/6571 learners
4, 7
Study with a live teacher online!
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practical lessons
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1. Develop a corporate identity
You will be able to visualize your brand and its identity: logos, guidelines, brand books, and corporate merchandise.
You will learn to
2. Use effective font and colour combinations
You will master the principles of typography and colour and be able to create fresh compositions from fonts and colour combinations.
4. Earn as a graphic designer
You will learn to build a portfolio and promote your skills to find paid orders to get an extra income from £2000 per month. Know tips on how to work with commercial customers and earn on your freelance projects. Anytime from anywhere.
3. Create interesting and visually attractive designs
You will be able to develop graphic designs for packaging, branding, and advertising.
Course programme
Participate in virtual classes or watch the recorded sessions
Ask questions and chat with a live expert
Study materials
Your lecturer will answer your questions personally
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
100% interactive course

Graphic designer

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Choose a topic for a future project

⦁ Search for inspiration from other designers

Adobe Illustrator
Graphic techniques
Visual experience
Trends in design
1. Designers as a profession
2. Work tools
3. Resources for finding ideas
4. Types of design
5. Graphic trends
6. Graphic and UI/ UX design
You will practice


content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Select a colour solution for the project
Itten's circle
Colour tone
Colour schemes
1. Colour Theory
2. Colour Characteristics
3. Selection of colour harmonies
4. Colour contrasts
5. Visual message
6. Balance in colour
7. Cases of using colour solutions
You will practice


and tools
You will learn
⦁ Development of font pairs for the project

⦁ Create a composition of fonts and illustrations using techniques reviewed in the course

Font pairs
Interline space
Font composition
1. Typography objectives
2. Font characteristics
3. Composition in typography
4. Selecting font combinations
5. Proximity rule
6. Combining text and illustration
7. Calligraphy and lettering
You will practice


and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create a composition from text and graphic elements
Modular grid
Anchor object
Statics and dynamics
Combination of elements
1. Composition Center
2. Layouts of elements
3. Compositional techniques
4. Creating a composition
5. Modular grid
6. Anchor objects
7. Brand logos and analyze them
You will practice

Design thinking

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Analyze the project's target audience

⦁ Apply design thinking in a project

Ideas generation
1. The idea of design thinking
2. Stages of project analysis
3. Audiences
4. Ideas selection
5. Prototype creation
6. Approaches to work
7. Design thinking in graphic design
You will practice
Working with the customer
and tools
You will learn
⦁ Write a brief for developing a corporate identity

⦁ Prepare the technical requirements
Technical Requirement
Creative techniques
1. Project documentation
2. Drafting a brief
3. The development of technical requirements
4. Working with customers
5. Creating unique concepts
6. Ways to develop creativity
You will practice


content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Development of the brand concept for the project
Market analyses
Brand conception
Corporate style
1. Branding stages
2. Market research and target audience
3. Concept and idea
4. Development of the name
5. Brand visualization
6. Branding success factors
You will practice


content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create identity elements
Brand logotype
1. Brand books, guidelines, and cat-guides
2. Corporate identity development
3. Visual identifications
4. Creating identity elements
5. Logo requirements
6. Design of packaging, souvenirs and advertising
You will practice

Search for orders

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Work on the design of the project

⦁ Prepare the project for presentation
Freelance exchanges
1. Projects for the designer
2. Working with online exchanges
3. Design competitions
4. Online presentations of the project
5. Creating a portfolio
6. Working with the customer
7. Placement on mock-ups
8. Examples of successful design projects
You will practice
Work design

Presentation of the design project

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Project presentation
Corporate style
Project presentation
1. Useful resources for your work
2. Projects of other graphic designers
3. Works for your portfolio
4. Questions and answers to students' questions
5. Project presentations
You will practice
Course results
Participate in virtual classes or watch the recorded sessions
Ask questions and chat with a live expert
Study materials
Your lecturer will answer your questions personally
100% interactive course
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
You want to start a new career
The course will be suitable if:
You study graphic design
You are interested in the field of design
You want to work as a freelancer
The course is suitable for novice designers who want to gain skills in creating projects in the field of graphic design. During the course, you will learn how to reach compositional solutions and be able to work effectively with colour and fonts to create appealing designs.
This course will be an interesting supplement for students who study graphic design. You will learn practical processes of developing designs from scratch and get useful resources to work with.
You will understand how to find orders on freelance exchanges and develop a portfolio to attract customers. By the end of the course, you will have a ready-made project for your portfolio.
One of the most popular fields in design are graphics. Many companies are interested in the service of graphic designers. After the courses, you will be able to design business cards, brand books, and logos for companies. This can be the start of a career.
The eLearning platform

How are classes delivered?
Virtual classes
Home tasks
During your course, you will get practical and written tasks to complete outside of the scheduled lessons (home study). Our expert tutors will check your work and give you regular feedback, which will go towards your accredited certification.

We keep our students constantly motivated by providing them with regular feedback and a direct channel of communication with each other and our practising experts. Live tutors share professional up-to-date information and will help you keep on track to complete your qualification with confidence.
As soon as your course starts you'll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with tutor and other learners in your class.
You do virtual face-to-face training with a tutor in a small group. You ask questions and get answers. Training is also available in the recording if you miss the class but the live participation stimulates your progress.
Study and earn
One of the main objectives of a graphic designer is to visualize the ideas and images of the customer. Advanced skills in Illustrator and Photoshop will give you the opportunity to develop bright logos, business cards, brand books, and other elements of identity. You can not only work from the office but also receive projects on freelance exchanges from any place in the world.
Be self-employed: check some rates for freelancers
Design one logo
Design ten logos
Design ten business cards
Vacancies are open in UK
Graphic designer earns first year
A Personal Certificate will be presented to you after you have completed the course.


Personal certificate
Your CV right after the course

Key competences:

Selection of compositional solutions and colour combinations

Creating a visual brand concept

Development of a corporate identity

Creating identity elements

Design of the brand book

Formation of the brief and technical task
Job opportunities

340 vacancies were scanned on based on the current market demand to create this course. We guarantee that your skills are up to date.
of our learners were able to find a new job or increase their income within 6 months after the course
British HR-specialists recommends us
There is no doubt that the ICS is an excellent place to study. You'll be able to boost your career and raise your salary by learning skills from the ICS courses.
George Evans
HR-specialist in Digital Farm
Course schedule
7 - 8 : 30 p.m
5 weeks
Tues, Thurs
Virtual training with recording
How do you deliver your course?
Most short courses are delivered online via interactive Zoom sessions. Level 3-4 courses have a blended model delivery: it means you will have in-class sessions for practical modules and online sessions for the theory. Please read carefully the course description. During Zoom sessions you will practise your new skills with experienced teachers. They will give you feedback about your home assignments. Once you are enrolled in the programme, you can access all lessons and study materials on the ICS eLearning platform. To login into your Zoom session, use the links available inside the lesson block.
How to sign up to the course?
There is only one way to do it. Proceed to the sign-up form and submit your credentials. Then follow the instructions.
How to enrol on this course?
Once you sign up for the course, you'll get access to our eLearning platform. There you can choose the right course for you. Once you make sure that the start date and time are convenient for you, proceed to the payment option and follow the instructions. You can pay with a debit/credit card or Paypal. All payments are secured and processed by either Paypal or Stripe systems. Remember, we tolerate a 100% refund policy. You can claim a refund anytime before the course starts.
What if I miss my class?
  • If you are attending one of our online short courses:
Don't worry. We provide class recordings. You can watch your lesson later. In case you have any unexpected circumstances preventing you from participating in your classes, please, let us know by contacting our support team via the eLearning platform so we can talk about solutions.

  • If you are attending Level 2 or 3 VTCT courses:
Your attendance is monitored and required for successful completion. In case you cannot attend an online session, you will be able to catch up by watching the class recording.

How can I take advantage of the instalment plans?
We propose flexible payment schemes. If you would like to pay in instalments, please, contact our recruitment team into the eLearning platform
Will I get a certificate after the course?
Yes, at the last day of your classes, you will receive a certificate or diploma of completion. It will confirm your qualification.
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