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Learn to create stylish design projects and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month.
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Training duration

practical workshops
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each workshop is 1,5 hours
The course will be suitable if:
You master a new skill
Interior design is one of the most-learnt skills. During the course, you will gain skills in creating interior design projects, from choosing a style to modelling your project in 3D format.
You improve your skills
If you have just started working in the field of design, then this course will help improve your practical skills. You will learn how to make a room plan and select the décor and lighting options.
You want to design your own apartment
If you are interested in designing your own home, then this course will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge. You will learn how to choose your own finishing materials, colours, furniture, and other necessary elements of interior design.
You want to work as an interior designer
Acquire interior design skills, create your first designs for your portfolio, and start earning in the creative field right after training.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
We will immerse you in the profession
Design a range of interiors for yourself and your clients.
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We will help you create a portfolio
You will learn how to develop composite solutions.
/ 02
We will teach you how to promote yourself
You will learn how to create drawings. You'll practice the skills you have learnt in AutoCAD and SketchUp to create drawings you or your customers want.
/ 03
You will learn how to work with a customer to competently zone rooms, create plans, and design layouts in 3D, taking into account the wishes of clients.

Master your skills in designing projects for kitchens and bathrooms.
During the course you will gain skills in selecting colour combinations, placing accents in the interior, and planning the placement of furniture.
You will be able to select decorative elements depending on the style of the interior and work with light zoning.
Build your portfolio and earn as an interior designer.
Turn your creative vision and talent into a hobby or full-time career and earn a high income. Learn how to expertly liaise with commercial customers and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month from your interior design projects.

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Compare course delivery methods
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In class
Timesaving on travel
Have access to recorded webinars
Increase your motivation level
Have the ability to ask personalized questions and get feedback
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Office Design for UP Teapoint
Restaurant Design for Ojo Rojo
An interior designer is an in-demand profession
> 950 vacancies are currently open in the UK
An interior designer develops and visualizes designs for apartments and houses. This is a creative field where you can implement your own ideas.
Related Jobs
You can get a job in a design studio or develop interior projects on a freelance basis.
Interior designer earns first year
An Interior designer, Design studio assistant, 3D visual artist for interior projects, *a person can apply directly to interior design firms, department or furniture stores, architectural firms, or manufacturers of furniture.
Design project of the interior of the house:
How much can an interior designer earn?
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The portfolio of our students
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Student's testimonials
Serious fundamental education on interior design courses online. An understanding of the beautiful is formed during training, from scratch to a complete design project. Here they teach not the reproduction of actual interiors, but give extensive knowledge, based on which you can work in your own direction.
Margaret Davidson
If you only knew how afraid I was going to study with absolute zero knowledge. During the home interior design course, we had personal coaches who helped with all the ensuing questions. The platform is convenient, homework is checked quickly.
Dustin Nelson
Passed a 5-week course on "Interior Design" at ICS. The curriculum for classes is very intense but interesting. During the interior design training, you can do your own project, so I created the design of my house under the guidance of experienced teachers and was satisfied.
Theresa Ross
I liked the program of courses at ICS - everything is in practice, real tasks and real clients. Teachers obviously care, because they demand that every student's work is developed to the maximum. I enjoyed learning interior designing for beginners online and I feel like my level is growing. Many thanks!
Karl Miller

Student's testimonials

Natalia Kowal
Theresa Ross
A Personal Certificate will be presented to you after you have completed the course.


Personal certificate
Your CV right after the course

Key competencies:

Floor plan designing for flats and houses

Create interior design projects in different styles

Create an interior collage in Adobe Photoshop

3D room visualization in SketchUp

Select finishing materials, furniture, and decor

Design interior layouts according to the principles of ergonomics

Create drawings in AutoCAD
Job opportunities

580 vacancies for interior designers were scanned on After analysing the data, this course was designed to incorporate the current demands of the market. We guarantee that your skills will be up to date.
of our learners were able to find a new job or increase their income within 6 months after the course
British HR-specialists recommend us
There is no doubt that the ICS is an excellent place to study. You'll be able to boost your career and raise your salary by learning skills from the ICS courses.
George Evans
HR-specialist in Digital Farm
Why can you choose to study with the ICS?
The International Career School (ICS) is an international network of training centres operating across 5 countries and 58 cities. Since 2010, over 70,000 students have trained with us. We offer 234 courses in the fields of beauty, digital marketing, business, design, media, and IT development. Each course is the distillation of practical knowledge from more than 600 reputable practitioners, each of whom has worked to create our programmes. Training takes place in two formats: online, as face2face webinar meetings with homework, and classrooms located in your city.
How do you deliver your course?
Courses for 4, 5 and 8 weeks are delivered online via the ICS eLearning platform and interactive Zoom sessions. Level 3-4 courses have a blended model delivery: it means you will have in-class sessions for practical modules and online sessions for the theory.
Once you are enrolled on the programme, you can access lessons and study materials on the ICS eLearning platform. To login into your Zoom session, use the links available inside the lesson block.
During live sessions with a teacher, you will practise your new skills remotely. You can get feedback about your home assignments during and between lessons.
How to get a consultation about this course?
To get a free consultation about our programmes, fill out the sign-up form, submit your contact details, or use the Chat widget. One of our team will contact you by phone call, messenger or email to proceed with the detailed information about the course and enrollment in the upcoming group.
How to enrol on this course?
Once you fill out a sign-up form for the course, you'll get access to our eLearning platform. There you can choose the course for you. Once you make sure that the start date and time are convenient for you, proceed to the payment option and follow the instructions.
How can I pay for the course?
You can pay with a debit/credit card or Paypal. All payments are secured and processed by either Paypal or Stripe systems.

Please note, some of the courses have practical lessons. They require access to professional software that is not included in the course fee.

Remember, we tolerate a 100% refund policy. You can claim a refund anytime before the course starts.
How can I take advantage of the instalment plans?
We propose several payment schemes: for 2, 4 and 6 months. If you would like to pay in instalments, please, contact our Registration team on the eLearning platform.
What if I miss my class?
If you are attending one of our online short courses:
Please, don't worry. We provide lesson recordings the next day after a live session. You can watch your lesson later at your convenient time.
If you are not able to join live sessions, you may watch recorded videos, prepare homework and communicate with your teacher on the eLearning platform.
If you have any unexpected circumstances preventing you from participating in your live classes, please let us know by contacting our support team via the eLearning platform to talk about solutions.
If you are attending Level 2 or 3 VTCT courses:
Your attendance is monitored and required for successful completion. In case you cannot attend an online session, you will be able to catch up by watching the class recording.
Will I get a certificate after the course?
Yes, on the last day of your course, you will receive a certificate or diploma of completion after completing home assignments and assessment. It will confirm your new skills.
What should be on a kit list?
· It is necessary to have access to a laptop or PC with a stable Internet connection and the capacity to use necessary software

· The Chrome web browser

· Preinstalled The Zoom app

· Access to the installed Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD and SketchUp

*You can download full or trial versions from the official websites
Apply and start your design career right now
What you will gain from the training:
Training fee from:
£ / month
Portfolio cases and a certificate in interior design
For 6 months with no interest
or £360 Upfront
Instalment payments are provided by Splitit.

✔ For Visa and MasterCard credit cards only
✔ Equal monthly instalments

✘ No credit check
✘ No interest fee

* Valid for credit cards with an expiration date of 6 months minimum.
The webinar from an HR expert
Support from mentors online or live
30-day access to the course materials after completion
Instalment payments are provided by Splitit.

✔ For Visa and MasterCard credit cards only.

✔ Equal monthly instalments.

✘ No credit check.

✘ No interest fee.

* Valid for credit cards with an expiration date
of 6 months minimum.