3ds Max

Learn to create complex 3D models and scenes in 3ds Max
/6571 learners
4, 6
Study with a live teacher online!
3ds Max course
Learn to create complex 3D models and scenes in 3ds Max
/6571 learners
4, 7
Study with a live teacher online!

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1. Visualize 3D models for computer games
You will learn how to use the program tools for modelling any three-dimensional objects, from geometric figures to characters in a computer game.
You will learn to
2. Design three-dimensional interior objects
Design models of interior objects and rooms with realistic textures and lighting.
4. Model 3-dimensional illustrations for magazines and comics
You will be able to create colourful images with customized day and night scene lighting.
3. Create 3D models for commercials
You will learn how to make complex objects for the design and animation of video projects.
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Working with primitives

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Creating a set of primitive objects and transforming them
View modes
Mirror image
1. Areas of application of three-dimensional graphics
2. Stages of creating a three-dimensional image
3. Methods in finding orders for a novice 3D modeller
4. 3ds Max Tools
5. Arrangement of the workspace
6. Working with hotkeys
7. Creating primitive objects
8. Cloning and grouping objects
You will practice

3ds Max modifiers

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Build a three-dimensional landscape based on the materials of the lesson or an individual project
1. Types of modifiers
2. Modifier's purpose
3. Bending, stretching, and compressing shapes
4. Bevels and sharpening their shape
5. Modifier settings
6. Modifier applications
7. The Modifier Sets Panel configuration
8. Three-dimensional landscape and their creation process
You will practice

Spline modelling

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Model a vase (or any other object) using splines
N - gon
1. The concept of " spline"
2. Spline creation
3. Types of spline shapes
4. Types of points on splines
5. Changing spline shapes
6. Spline tabs in the Modify section
7. Modifiers for working with splines
8. Modelling of interior items
You will practice

Boolean operations

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Model a button using boolean operations

⦁ Model a nut using the Loft modifier

1. Boolean operation application
2. Screw modelling the lighting
3. The Loft modifier and its settings
4. Working with strain curves
5. Changing the path section
6. Strain Tools
7. Fork modulation

You will practice

Polygon modelling

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Model of a TV with a bedside table and a mattress with a pillow
Editable Poly
1. The concept of a polygon in 3D
2. The advantages of polygonal modelling
3. The differences between a low-poly model and a high-poly model
4. Working with the Edit Poly modifier
5. Anti-aliasing modifiers
6. TV modelling
7. Modelling upholstered furniture
8. Cloth Modifier
You will practice
V-ray materials
and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create five custom materials
BRDF Parameters
Switch Option
Switch Maps
1. VRayMtl material features
2. VRayMtl material parameters and settings
3. Changing reflections and refractions of light
4. Adding bulge and offset maps
5. Setting textures and procedural maps
6. Adjusting glare on the material
7. Libraries of ready-made materials
8. Categories of materials
You will practice


content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Creating a texture for a standard teapot
Edit Mesh
1. The concept of texture
2. Possibilities in texture application
3. Simple texturing
4. Texturing with a sweep
5. Creating a texture sweep
6. Seamless textures
7. Texture tiling settings
8. Scan rendering
You will practice

Stage lighting

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create a simple scene and adjust the day and night lighting in it
Colour temperature
Vray Sun
Vray Dome Light
1. VrayLight Light Source Specifications
2. VrayLight forms and parameters
3. Selecting lighting types using the Type parameter
4. Colour temperature on the Kelvin scale
5. Day, night, and artificial lighting
6. Combining ambient and directional light
7. Key and fill light
8. Lighting of different primitives
You will practice

V-ray cameras

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create a composition with light and camera
VRay Physical Camera
1. Camera installation and various camera angles
2. The Rule of Thirds
3. Depth in frame composition
4. Selecting camera orientation
5. Creating and configuring a camera
6. Shutter speed and aperture settings
7. Creating multiple cameras in a scene
You will practice
Camera Target

Project rendering

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Create a scene render with lights and cameras
1. Preliminary and final rendering of the project
2. Render Settings
3. Colour saturation parameters
4. Calculating the illumination map
5. Global lighting calculation
6. Setting noise level
7. Creating a preset with render settings
8. Frame size changes
You will practice
Interactive render
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100% interactive course
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowlege whenever you need.
You are interested in 3d modelling
The course will be suitable if:
You work as a freelancer
You develop your business
You want to work as a freelancer
You will learn how to use the tools of the program 3ds Max and create the first objects for your portfolio. You will understand the areas of application for three-dimensional graphics and the requirements of a 3D visualizer.
The skills of working in the 3ds Max program are useful in designing and engineering. Master the tools of the program and increase your competitiveness in the labour market.
In the field of 3D modelling, there are a huge number of vacancies- not only on career sites but also on freelance exchanges. After completing the course of 3ds Max, you will be able to use the works created during this course in your portfolio.
If your employees regularly create three-dimensional content for business development, you will need to understand the features of high-quality renderers. After completing the course you will be able to competently create technical tasks for employees or freelancers and set requirements for the quality of their work.
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Study and earn
A 3D visualizer creates three-dimensional objects and photorealistic images. The skills of working on 3D projects are in demand with freelancing. Through this course you will be able to expand your portfolio with professional-grade works.
Be self-employed: check some rates for freelancers
Creating a 3D model based on a photo
Creating a 3D scene
Correction of a 3D model
Vacancies are open in UK
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Key competences:

Object modelling

Create materials and textures

Camera and lighting settings

Create seamless textures

Spline and polygon modelling

Project rendering using V-ray render
Job opportunities

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