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An online school provides various vocational programs for adult learners to develop skills for a successful career.
The International Career School (ICS) is an online school that offers diverse educational programs for adult learners. Since 2010, over 70,000 students have trained with us. We offer 234 courses in the fields of beauty, digital marketing, business, design, media, and IT-development. Our programmes have been created by over 600 experienced practitioners who have distilled their practical knowledge into each course. Training programs take place in different formats, including online with practical homework and tutor support, as well as live webinars with professional experts.

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ICS in Press
Neural Networks are Coming: What the Future Holds for Graphic Design
Whether artificial technology will give rise to the serious rivalry between humans and neural networks in drawing and design was investigated by Alex Addae-Brobbey – graphic design expert from the International Career School. In the case of creating works, artificial intelligence is referred to as a neural network.
How to Make Money as a Photographer during Covid 19 Pandemic
When the world came crashing to a halt in early 2020, the event photography industry fell into a void. The pandemic put a stop to hundreds of thousands of gatherings, events, and parties, as the UK was instructed to stay at home, and event photographers were left without subject matter. With no events, many photographers suddenly found themselves without any means of earning a living.
Experts identify the most important skills for an interior designer
Throughout 2020-2021, there has been a downturn in job offers for interior designers. Lucy Attwood, a luxury residential and commercial interior design expert from the International Career School, shares how the design industry will recover thanks to the introduction of vaccines and which interior design skills employers are willing to pay an increased salary for.
What courses we offer
Digital Marketing
Analytics and performance marketing, SMM, reputation management, and content production.
Hairdressing, nail service, aesthetic treatments, and make-up.
From the basics of sketching and advertising graphics to UX and interior design.
Genre photography, video, retouching, editing, and colour correction.
Student's testimonials
Graphic Design
Lois W.
Great teacher I am learning alot on this course
Graphic Design
Lisa P.
AMAZING! Really good online courses and amazing teachers
Graphic Design
Rebecca T.
Great school! I really enjoyed learning with ICS and definitely will do another course with them again! Great school very well planned schedule with classes being recorded and accessible! Thank you, Mila
Graphic Design
Prince O.
Overall I had a very good time with ICS. They are affordable, dependable and very patient. I can't say enough good things about them. Teacher is always available and willing to help. Provides in depth explanation using relatable and simple terminology and makes lessons interactive and fun to follow.
Graphic Design, SMM
Tino W.
My experience with ICS has been alright for the most part. The relevancy of the course subjects were good and the way in which the tutor explained everything was great. However, I would say it was a good start and well prepared for a beginner with 0 experience with any of these tools. I am happy with the results and progress I've made .
Graphic Design
Gabrielle B.
The course was great value for money as I learnt a lot in a small space of time, and am now ready to pursue a career as a designer. The tutor was experienced and attentive. I was impressed at how our teacher managed to fit in all the relevant teachings in such a small space of time. He cared about getting the best out of us, and was very encouraging.
Photography and Editing
Adam U.
Really good course great time frame and packed with information from the teacher. Brig was brilliant so helpful and full of so much knowledge. Really helpful and honest with her thoughts on your work and that is needed.
Photography and Editing
Lisa C.
I have really enjoyed the course and feel like I learned alot thank you!
Photography and Editing
Holly M.
Very good and useful platform, a great way to obtain a certificate
Photography and Editing
Jacqui S.
I really enjoyed the photography and editing course. The only thing that was hard was not being able to get together with everyone to do the practical topics but I really enjoyed doing the homework and being able to get creative with it. You were also encouraged to focus on the genre of photography you enjoyed so this made the course a lot easier and fun
Photography and Editing
Emma K.
it was a great course, I enjoyed the process and how it was presented!! It was an amazing experience and I'm glad I did it. It was doing the course I've been wanting to do but part-time and online which is great and it was a great opportunity
Photography and Editing
Kristina Z.
Amazing course! I loved this course! I completed the photography short course and it was excellently done. It was thorough with challenging homework and great group discussion. I am now a much more confident and competent photographer!
Landscape Design
Mike A.
AMAZING! Really good online courses and amazing teachers
Rebecca T.
Fantastic. I really enjoyed the lash and brow courses I did. Very informative and I now feel confident in starting a business
Interior Design
Mila M.
Great school! I really enjoyed learning with ICS and definitely will do another course with them again! Great school very well planned schedule with classes being recorded and accessible!
Interior Design
Nicole T.
It was really simple and straightforward to enrol in and the courses were really helpful.
Sindiso P.
A very good course, with a great teacher, worth it really. Would have been great to have access to class resources aswell, for download after each class, both video and pdfs.
Bassam B.
Nice course. The staff were very friendly and helpful
Nausheen A.
Fabulous experience!!!! The school is just amazing and the service is commendable. I really enjoyed my journey as a learner and was able to learn so much about nails. I did 2 courses on nails with them and have become a confident nail technician. I hope to do more courses with them in the future .
Lisa C.
Highly recommended, the tutor was fantastic and helped so much , I really enjoyed it and will be using them again x
Egle K.
Very likely, would recommend to everyone,
Thank you ICS you are amazing team????always quick reply or even gives you a call. Certificate received once courses was completed,amazing teacher Magda explains everything from step to step I'm so glad that I started courses with this academy❤️would do it again
Kelly W.
Learning that is fun!!! I did 3 courses over lockdown to gain further skills. At first a little hesitant learning over zoom but I actually preferred it in the end. My tutor Maisie was amazing in her style of teaching and support. I enjoyed my courses and will be booking some more
Lashes, Brow
Adiat O.
This is a wonderful and amazing college . Very educative and matured people.Well organized people, good communication skills is great with excellent service. Their interactive programmes is easy to access and resolved problems immediately. Their staffs are very energetic people. Well done. Making my life very easier and simpler. Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen
Introduction to Barbering
Kristina Z.
I found this training very spot on, I was not bored reading endless slides, it was very exciting to see how others were doing and their progress. The teacher was very patient and her pace of teaching is fantastic. The game we played on kahoot was great, the best way to learn for me personally.
SMM, Copywriting
Nicole M.
I first took the social media marketing course and am now taking the creative copywriting course. Both teachers have been amazing, very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields which is very helpful. I would highly recommend taking courses with ICS.
Seana M.
Informational and educational course. Really benefitted form it. Georgina - my tutor is super helpful and literally perfect person to teach the copywriting! Thank you :-)
Mary R.
If you miss a lesson, its there to watch so you can catch up. This was perfect for me as i work evenings.
SMM, Copywriting
Yazmin B.
I first took the social media marketing course and am now taking the creative copywriting course. Both teachers have been amazing, very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields which is very helpful. I would highly recommend taking courses with ICS.
George A.
Great course, very creative, amazing tutor.
Katie D.
The course was intense, but I learned a huge amount and hats-off to Jesse James for his SUPERB tutoring. He could always answer any question put to him very clearly, and his industry experience shows. I have been on other courses where people just seemed to be reading a book out aloud, but Jesse is not one of those people. He is also humourous, and very patient indeed. One person on the course kept asking endless questions, to such an extent that it was quite frustrating for me and perhaps for others, but Jesse dealt with this very well.
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How do our in-class lessons take place?
eLearning platform
Home tasks
During the training you'll be assigned practical home tasks. Our experts check these and give you feedback. This helps you to absorb new information. The end of the course is dedicated to your diploma project.
We keep our students constantly motivated by providing them with live feedback and a direct channel of communication between each other and our practising experts. Live tutors share professional insights and help you get on track faster.
Workshops are aimed at practising practical skills with a teacher. This is the most important part of the training. These workshops prepare you for real work.
Every student has access to course materials to study at a self-paced, communicate with tutors, and track their own progress.
Our teachers