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An Estate agent
is an in-demand profession
> 950 vacancies are currently open in the UK
The deals of selling and buying property happen every day. People always need a specialist who will help them to arrange the deal, consult with them and help with the nuances of property registration procedure
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You can get an estate agency or work with private clients on a freelance basis
Estate Agent includes related professions such as Property Manager, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Development Manager, Property Sales Administrator, Real Estate Analyst, Real Estate Broker
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How much can a estate agent earn?
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The course will be suitable if:

You want to change your career sphere
You improve your skills
You want to get an administrative position
Do you have great communication skills and want to work with people? This profession will be good for you. In this course you will get negotiation skills and get knowledge in the process of selling and renting property. You will learn to organise deals in the estate market.
You've never worked as an estate agent and want to start working in this sphere. This course will be suitable for you. You will get knowledge about the principles of the estate market. You will learn the specifics of selling and renting property.
You want to deepen your knowledge of the property selling and renting processes and start a career as an administrator in an estate agency or letting company and work your way up.
If you have just started working in the field of buying and selling property, then this course will help improve your practical skills. You will learn how to negotiate for success and find the best available options in the estate market for your clients.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
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We will immerse you in the profession
We will teach you how to promote yourself
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We will help you to
Learn how to understand what buyers are seeking in a new property and accordingly show them suitable choices
During the course you will gain skills in negotiation and persuasion to win clients and succeed with deals
You will be able to value and market properties, with the aim of negotiating the best price for your clients
You will learn how to promote your services with social networks
Build your reputation and earn as an estate agent
Learn how to expertly liaise with clients and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month from estate selling
Master your skills in communication with banks, building societies, mortgage brokers, solicitors and other estate agencies during transactions
You will learn how to work with clients, advise clients and help buyers decide what they want to buy
You will get to know the functions of estate agent services

Course programme

practical workshop
per week
each workshop is 2 hours
Open curriculum

Immerse in the profession

content and tools
- Make a checklist for the stages of working with a client: from the first call to the conclusion
1. Estate agent responsibilities. Job requirements
2. Stages of estate agent work
3. Self-employment or freelance work
4. Working in an estate agency
5. Professional competencies of estate agents. Career prospects
You will practice
You will learn
Career prospects
Agency work
Estate agent responsibilities

Communication with clients

content and tools
- Develop strategies for closing a deal, write down possible objections and ways to overcome them
- Identify deficiencies in the property that may hinder a successful sale and suggest ways to correct them
1. Types of clients and communication with them. Psychology of communication with clients.
2. Building a client base. Sources for searching for clients. Methods of attracting clients .
3. Negotiation with clients. Key negotiation stages. Scripts, handling objections.
4. Organization of viewings: collecting information about the property, preparing for the viewing, the first meeting with the buyer.
5. Meeting towards completion of viewing and negotiation with clients
You will practice
You will learn
Handling objections
Psychology of communication
Client types

Real estate market analysis

content and tools
- Conducting an analysis of the real estate market in your area
- Valuing a property for sale
1. Real estate markets. Overview of the real estate market.
2. Types of property.
3. New build properties. Rules for purchasing an apartment during the construction stage.
4. Resale property. Buying a flat in resale property.
5. Estimation of the value of a property. Market valuation of real estate.
6. Determination of the terms of the sale .
7. Real estate for investment: calculation of profitability and payback on investments in a property.
You will practice
You will learn
Resale property
Market of new buildings
Market structure
Real estate objects

Types of real estate

content and tools
- Describe the sales process of joint tenancy of an estate and sole ownership
1. Different types of real estate: title for joint tenancy, tenancy in common, tenants in sole ownership, and community property. Specifics of the sale
2. Ways of passing on and changing the rights of ownership
3. Register land or property for the first time
4. Limitations on Ownership Rights. Ways to remove restrictions and limitations
You will practice
You will learn
Rights registration
Estate types
Restriction of rights

Regulation of documents in real estate transactions

content and tools
- You will analyse the documents for the purchase of real estate, and determine the positive and dubious aspects of the transaction
1. Types of transactions and title documents.
2. Documents for the property.
3. Documents for the organisation of the transaction.
4. Document analysis.
5. Tools for checking the property.
6. Markers of a reliable or doubtful project.
You will practice
You will learn
Real Estate Verification
Document Analysis
Document types
Types of transactions

Law basis for transactions

content and tools
- Determine the amount of tax on the sale of secondary real estate
- Write a prescription for home improvement property purchases
1. Types of contracts for the work of an estate agent
2. Rules for drawing up contracts
3. Areas of responsibility of estate agent, mortgage brokers, surveyors, solicitors
4. Protection of the agent's rights
5. Professional liability insurance for an state agent
6. The work of an estate agent in transactions with programmes of government support
You will practice
You will learn
Deals with government support
Rights Protection
Estate agent's responsibility
Real estate service agreement

Tax regulations in estate deals

content and tools
- Determining the amount of tax on the sale of secondary real estate
1. Taxes on the sale of real estate.
2. Terms of ownership and taxation.
3. Tax-free tenure.
4. Options for calculating taxes.
5. Sanctions for tax evasion.
6. Tax deduction when buying real estate.
You will practice
You will learn
Tax deduction
Tax calculation
Property tax

Organisation of the deal

content and tools
- Writing the algorithm for buying an apartment
1. Buying and selling real estate.
2. Stages of the transaction and possible risks at the conclusion.
3. Organisation of the transaction and preparation of documents.
4. Features of conducting a remote transaction.
5. The order of interaction when registering property rights.
6. Closing the deal, and payment methods.
You will practice
You will learn
Registration of ownership
Risk assessment
Preparation of documents
Making a deal

Mortgage loan

content and tools
- Writing the algorithm for collecting and checking documents and the steps for concluding a mortgage transaction
1. Choice of a mortgage program
2. Stages of mortgage cover
3. Credit documentation
4. Primary client consultation
5. Analysis of the client's portrait and the formation of a dossier
6. Preparation for the transaction, signing of documents and registration of closing
You will practice
You will learn
Mortgage registration
Preparation of documentation
Client's profile

Promoting estate agent services

content and tools
- Creating a professional profile
- Developing promotion strategy: preparing posts with visual and text content
1. Maintaining long-term relationships with clients
2. Possibilities of social networks and instant messengers
3. Fundamentals of promotion in social networks
4. Development of a promotion strategy
5. Analysis of the target audience
6. Building communication with the target audience
7. Preparation of text and visual materials
You will practice
You will learn
Audience engagement
Target audience analysis
Promotion of real estate services
Social networks and messengers
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Cameron Cumming
Estate agent
Cameron has been an agent for 18 years and has vast experience in both the sales and lettings industry. Cameron founded one of the first online estate agencies in the UK back in 2008 and has more recently been involved in helping business owners across London improve their businesses as a corporate restructuring specialist, as well as launch offices and run them to profitability. Cameron has been involved with online, corporate, and independent businesses and has a great overview of what it takes to be a successful agent. Most recently, Cameron is at the forefront of the self employment broker model as the industry looks to change over the coming years.

Currently Director at London Property Consultants, previously head of sales and Lettings at Knightsbridge international, head of sales and Lettings at Gareth James Property and Regional Director of Emoov.
«Estate agency is a well known profession where you, as the agent, liaise with clients selling or letting their properties and negotiating a sale with a potential buyer or tenant»

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Victoria Hills
CEO & Founder Inspire HR Solutions
Using her 20 years of experience in HR, Victoria knows precisely how to effectively drive upgrades in the corporate world. She is always on hand to offer insight and perspective on best practice and is delighted to share her thoughts on how to increase the benefits of professional skills.

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This course gave me a full view of the estate agent profession. Now I understand how to organise my work with clients and how to negotiate successfully
During the course, I did interesting practices, and learned to communicate with clients. I've got valuable information. The course was very comprehensive and useful. Thank you so much for this great course!
This course was extremely helpful because it helped me understand the process of selling and buying property, and documenting it. I highly recommend this course for students who are unaware of, or confused by how to start an estate agent career
This course helped me to understand how to communicate with clients and how to find the best choice in the estate market for them. Now I can start to work in an estate agency. Practice tasks which I did during the course were very useful
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Key competencies:

Understanding the principles of the estate market

Advising clients and helping buyers decide what they want to buy

Arrangements for viewing and negotiations with clients

Estimating the value of the property for selling

Promotion of properties for sale

The organisation of the deal, and drawing up the documents

Knowing all facets of house loans

Building a reputation and long-term cooperation with clients