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Floristry course
A teacher-led practical course in which you will learn how to compose flower arrangements for weddings or events, and start a career in a flower shop or take private orders for bouquets.
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A florist is an in-demand profession
> 450 vacancies are currently open in the UK
Every year a huge number of new florist's salons are opened. The demand for flower business and wedding decoration is only increasing.
High demand for freelance services
You can get a job in a florist's salon or take private orders.
a beginner florist earns per month
Often, clients turn to freelance florists, who have lower prices, and an individual approach and author's style.
Creation of one bouquet to order:
How much can a florist earn?
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You want to work for yourself with a flexible schedule

The course will be suitable if:

You want to get a creative and interesting profession
You want to decorate the house yourself and make gifts for your family with your own hands
You want to improve your skills in floristry
You will be able to plan your schedule and scope of work. You will be able to have time for family, hobbies and manage your time. In addition, clients prefer to contact freelance florists due to their author's style and individual approach.
The florist is engaged in the design of events, weddings and is constantly developing creatively. The florist remains a relevant profession, and the demand for their services is only increasing every year.
If you have just started working as a florist, then the course will help you improve your skills in creating trendy flower arrangements from different materials and colours for every taste. Improving your skills will help increase the price of your services.
You will learn how to make bouquets and compositions using modern techniques and any style for your home, and as gifts for your family and friends.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
We will immerse you in the profession
You find out what tools and materials a florist needs to work
/ 01
We will help you create a portfolio
You will learn how to collect and pack bouquets using different techniques for any client request
/ 02
You will get a quick start in the profession
You will learn how to choose colour combinations, create original compositions and bouquets for any custom event
/ 03
You will be able to organize the workspace and find the first clients
You will create modern flower arrangements and competently promote your work
You will be able to create bright and popular compositions in the oasis
You will learn how to design a beautiful portfolio of your artistic work and start making money from floristry
Get a job in a salon and start earning as a florist
Turn your creative hobby into a high-paying freelance job, or work in a flower boutique.

Course programme

practical workshop
per week
each workshop is 1.5 hours
hours of
video lessons


Florist profession

content and tools
You will learn
  • Selection of tools and materials for the florist

  • Workspace organisation

  • Searching for inspirational works on the Internet
Modern floristy
Styles of floristry
Flowers transportation
Workplace of a florist
1. Floristry in modern design
2. Florist's tools
3. Auxiliary materials of the florist
4. Selection and transportation of flowers
5. Cut flower care
6. Styles of floristry
7. Workspace organisation
8. Preparing to make a bouquet
You will practice


content and tools
You will learn
  • Bouquet colour selection

  • Analysis of photos of bouquets by colour combinations

  • Arrangement of colour accents
The psychology of colour
Colour combinations
Accents in the bouquet
Pantone colours
1. The psychology of colour
2. Colour circle
3. Bouquet colour selection methods
4. Popular colour combinations
5. Pantone Colour Trends
6. Arrangement of colour accents
7. Bouquet shapes
You will practice

Bouquet assembly techniques

and tools
You will learn
  • Self-assembly of the bouquet

  • Creating colour accents

  • Drawing up a mono-bouquet in parallel and spiral techniques
Bouquet shapes
A colour scheme
Symmetry and asymmetry
Parallel and spiral techniques
1. Methods for self-assembly of a bouquet
2. Types of flower arrangement
3. Types of bouquets
4. Bandaging flowers
5. Accent with colour
6. Accent with the shape of a bouquet
7. Methods for creating colour accents
You will practice

Сreating flower arrangements

and tools
You will learn
  • Bouquet recipe development

  • Making a round bouquet

  • Bouquet packaging

  • Calculation of the number of flowers for several bouquets of different sizes and composition
Packaging trends
Bouquet recipe
Spiral bouquet
Flowers packaging
1. Bouquet recipe development
2. Round bouquet
3. Free form bouquet
4. Bouquet packaging types
5. Trends in packaging
6. Compositional solutions in floristry
7. Stages of development of complex bouquets
You will practice

Classic bride bouquet

and tools
You will learn
  • Composing the bridal bouquet

  • Making a round bridal bouquet

  • Bouquet decoration
Wedding floristry
Round bouquet
Cascading bouquet
Bouquet of glamelia
1. Wedding floristry trends
2. Types of wedding bouquets
3. Features of drawing up a bridal bouquet
4. Ways to decorate a bouquet
5. Recipes for wedding bouquets
You will practice
Composition on oasis
and tools
You will learn
  • Creation of a flower arrangement on a floral foam

  • Observation of flowers in the composition: their durability, changes in appearance
Composition in a sponge
Composition in anchor
Composition in kenzan
Composition in a vase
1. Types of floral foam
2. Work with oasis/floral foam
3. Making a flower bouquet in a foam
4. Flower arrangement bonding methods
5. Materials for bonding the oasis
6. Composition techniques
7. Options for compositions in a floral foam
You will practice

Seasonal bouquet

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Creation of bouquets for different holidays
Seasonal bouquet
Event bouquet
Dried flowers
Christmas wreath
1. Assembling a summer field bouquet
2. Features of working with dried flowers
3. Types of dried flowers
4. Autumn bouquet ideas
5. Making a Christmas wreath
6. Christmas wreath decoration
You will practice

Asymmetric wedding bouquet

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Creation of a wedding bouquet for different styles of weddings
Spiral bouquet
Communication with the customer
Bouquet decoration
Asymmetrical bouquet
1. Actual forms of bouquets
2. Rules for communicating with the customer
3. Order acceptance rules
4. Features of drawing up an asymmetric bouquet
5. Jewellery for the bride's bouquet
6. Bouquet delivery methods
7. Ways to select a bouquet for the theme of the wedding
You will practice

Plants in the interior

and tools
You will learn
  • The location of plants in the interior

  • Selection of design solutions

  • Care and placement of plants

  • Plant transplant
Plants for the home
Plants for the office
Composition of flowers
1. Arranging plants in the interior
2. Design solutions
3. Plant care methods
4. Transplant rules
5. Common mistakes in flower care
6. Plant species
7. Placement of plants in the house
8. Composition solutions
You will practice
House plant care

Promotion of the florist's works

and tools
You will learn
  • Creation of a flower brand

  • Create and edit photos for your account

  • Photographing flower accessories

Working with a client
Shooting and editing photos
Flower brand
1. Principles of creating a flower brand
2. Rules for creating photos for an account
3. Processing photos of flowers
4. Maintaining a profile on social networks
5. Features of working with clients
6. Formation of pricing policy
7. Examples of good loyalty programs
You will practice
Business profile
How the course is delivered
Participate in live lessons with a teacher in an online class.
Live Online Lessons
Communicate with classmates and the teacher in a closed Telegram chat room.
Homework & Support
Community & Feedback
Do your homework on the platform and get teacher comments on your work.
Face-to-face Online Lessons
Effective learning
Classes are held live in a small group. During the class, the teacher explains the topic of the lesson and answers students' questions live.

Don't worry - if you miss a lesson, it will be available in a recording on the platform.
Stay motivated with our live community
Live chatting with your group mates
You will not be alone through all your study. We get all our students together on group chats where you are able to post your photos, ask questions and share your success!

The best way to maintain your motivation is getting live feedback from the teacher and your group mates.
Tracey Nadin
My name is Tracey, I love inspiring others in the wonderful world of floristry.
I trained, enjoying the learning and developing of my skills and techniques. I continued with my education to gain, British Master's florist status.
Floristry can take many directions, I have been taught by international masters, Gregor Lersh and Wally Klett and concept florists, Joseph Massie, Zita Elze, Simon Lycett and Jane Packer created the London Olympic victory bouquets.
I have worked on floral fashion shoots, fashion shows, cultural weddings and in stunning luxury hotels.
My love of teaching leads me to manage a floristry department for 15 years in a land-based college.
« Floristry is a creative and emotive industry. With so many styles to inspire, from contemporary, country and traditional.
Learning skills from, understanding your client, to choice of flower, and presentation. The power of beauty, scent and creativity, what better way to start a new career!»

Your teacher

Of Tracey Nadin
Victoria Hills
CEO & Founder Inspire HR Solutions
Using her 20 years of experience in HR, Victoria knows precisely how to effectively drive upgrades in the corporate world. She is always on hand to offer insight and perspective on best practice and is delighted to share her thoughts on how to increase the benefits of professional skills.

The course is accredited
by HR experts

The webinar with Victoria Hills "How to update your CV and raise your income with your new skills"
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The portfolio of our students of the Floral design course
Student's testimonials
Samara Phillips
Grace Watson
I studied at the florist course and was satisfied with how my training went! I managed to master the full set of knowledge on working with flower arrangements. Now I create bouquets using different techniques, make decorations from flowers, and I can even decorate for weddings.
A rich program and a lot of practice. The teacher helped me learn different techniques, for which I am very grateful! I liked everything very much and my expectations of the training were justified.
Jazmin Foster
I took a course in floristry and it contains both practice and theory, the information is very accessible and easy to digest. The teacher provides constant support and feedback in the design of bouquets and accompanies you in every possible way throughout the course. Very satisfied with the result.
Patience Bailey
Many thanks to the school for such an informative, interesting floristry course. Maximum useful information for such a small number of classes. I am very grateful that they helped to make my dream come true, taught me how to handle flowers and create beauty, although I had never been able to do something with my hands before, but I always really wanted to.
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