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Interior design course
A teacher-led practical course for beginners in which you will gain skills in creating stylish design projects, and interior visualisations in AutoCAD and SketchUp and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month.
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An interior designer is an in-demand profession
> 950 vacancies are currently open in the UK
An interior designer develops and visualizes designs for apartments and houses. This is a creative field where you can implement your own ideas.
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You can get a job in a design studio or develop interior projects on a freelance basis.
Interior designer earns first year
An Interior designer, Design studio assistant, 3D visual artist for interior projects, *a person can apply directly to interior design firms, department or furniture stores, architectural firms, or manufacturers of furniture.
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You master a new skill

The course will be suitable if:

You improve your skills
You want to work as an interior designer
You want to design your own apartment
Interior design is one of the most-learnt skills. During the course, you will gain skills in creating interior design projects, from choosing a style to modelling your project in 3D format.
If you have just started working in the field of design, then this course will help improve your practical skills. You will learn how to make a room plan and select the décor and lighting options.
If you are interested in designing your own home, then this course will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge. You will learn how to choose your own finishing materials, colours, furniture, and other necessary elements of interior design.
Acquire interior design skills, create your first designs for your portfolio, and start earning in the creative field right after training.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
We will immerse you in the profession
Design a range of interiors for yourself and your clients.
/ 01
We will help you create a portfolio
You will learn how to develop composite solutions.
/ 02
We will teach you how to promote yourself
You will learn how to create drawings. You'll practice the skills you have learnt in AutoCAD and SketchUp to create drawings you or your customers want.
/ 03
You will learn how to work with a customer to competently zone rooms, create plans, and design layouts in 3D, taking into account the wishes of clients.

Master your skills in designing projects for kitchens and bathrooms.
During the course you will gain skills in selecting colour combinations, placing accents in the interior, and planning the placement of furniture.
You will be able to select decorative elements depending on the style of the interior and work with light zoning.
Build your portfolio and earn as an interior designer.
Turn your creative vision and talent into a hobby or full-time career and earn a high income. Learn how to expertly liaise with commercial customers and start to earn up to an extra £5000 per month from your interior design projects.

Course programme

practical workshop
per week
each workshop is 2 hours

Styles in the interior

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Choosing a project for interior design

⦁ Selecting interior options and identifying their styles of identification
1. The profession of an interior designer
2. Stylistic trends
3. Differences in interior styles
4. Choosing a style
5. Trends in interior solutions
6. Styles of identification by decor and furniture
You will practice

Design project and ergonomics

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Taking measurements for the premises for the project

⦁ Planning the composition of the project

⦁ Preparing the technical requirements

Technical Requirement
Measuring plan
1. Designing project elements
2. Creating a measurement plan
3. Working with the premises
4. How to prepare the technical requirements
5. Communication with the customer
6. The rules of ergonomics
7. Prices for repairs
You will practice

Layout and zoning

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Identifying functional zones and using space zoning techniques in the project
Motion path
1. Functional zoning
2. Dividing and combining zones
3. Redevelopment of the premises
4. Regulatory documentation
5. Organizations that regulate redevelopment
6. Redevelopment rules
You will practice

Drawings in AutoCAD

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Building a drawing for an individual project
1. The AutoCAD interface
2. Drawing creation
3. Requirements for the graphic design of drawings
4. Interior design tools
5. Creating a new drawing
6. Rules for creating sheets and view screens
7. File saving formats
You will practice

Composition and colouristic

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Selecting interior colour schemes

⦁ Creating colour collages

⦁ Arranging furniture using compositional techniques
The Pantone
Rhythm in composition
1. Colour Theory
2. Achromatic colours
3. Colour combination schemes
4. Palettes for the selection of colour solutions
5. Lighting and colour perception
6. Symmetry and asymmetry
7. Static and dynamic compositions
You will practice
Finishing materials
and tools
You will learn
⦁ Selecting coverings for the project
1. Sequences of draft works
2. The stages of finishing works
3. Types of finishing materials
4. The construction and properties of partitions
5. Floor and wall coverings
6. Types of ceiling coverings
7. Rules for selecting materials for different rooms
You will practice

Light and decor

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Selecting lamps for the project

⦁ Selecting decorative elements in online stores

⦁ Calculating lighting and creating an electrical plan

Colour sources
Colour rendition
1. Characteristics of light sources
2. Types of lighting
3. Techniques of indoor lighting
4. Light zoning
5. Lighting scenarios
6. Indoor lighting standards
7. Indoor textiles
8. Wall and floor decor
You will practice

Bathrooms and kitchens

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Analysing the organization of bathrooms and kitchens
Premises arrangement
1. Types of bathrooms
2. Bathroom finishing materials
3. Kitchen accessories options
4. Lighting schemes for bathrooms and kitchens
5. Arrangement of kitchen spaces
6. Bathroom and kitchen decor

You will practice

Collaging in Photoshop

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Creating a collage of the room for an individual project
Adobe Photoshop
1. Adobe Photoshop Toolbar
2. Collage making techniques
3. Moodboard creation
4. Selecting collage elements
5. Selecting textures for the floor, walls, and ceilings
6. Transforming elements
7. Perspective creation
8. Placing furniture and decor in a collage
You will practice

Project in 3D

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Transfering the measurement plan to the SketchUp program

⦁ Raising wall and covering

3D Warehouse
1. The SketchUp Program
2. Three-dimensional spaces
3. Room plan creation based on drawings
4. Building walls, creating windows and doors
5. Libraries of ready-made models
6. Working with colour and materials
7. Camera installation
You will practice
How the course is delivered
Participate in live lessons with a teacher in an online class.
Live Online Lessons
Communicate with classmates and the teacher in a closed Telegram chat room.
Homework & Support
Community & Feedback
Do your homework on the platform and get teacher comments on your work.
Face-to-face Online Lessons
Effective learning
Classes are held live in a small group. During the class, the teacher explains the topic of the lesson and answers students' questions live.

Don't worry - if you miss a lesson, it will be available in a recording on the platform.
Stay motivated with our live community
Live chatting with your group mates
You will not be alone through all your study. We get all our students together on group chats where you are able to post your photos, ask questions and share your success!

The best way to maintain your motivation is getting live feedback from the teacher and your group mates.
Siobhan Begley
Interior designer
I gained my degree in Interior design & architecture from Bournemouth university. I have over 12 years' experience working within the industry in both Commercial and residential sectors. My design career has lead me to work on projects from large English country manors, hotels, restaurants, bars, retail, high end offices, exhibition design and very large scaled projects for Coventry, Chichester and Bournemouth university. With all my wide experience, I now run my own company in the UK where I work in all aspects of interior design.
«In the world of interior design you learn that unfortunately, money can't buy you taste, but that's why interior designers are here to help those, giving great guidance to make the clients' vision come true in ways they could never imagine.»

Your teacher

Of Siobhan Begley
Chichester University - Studdy hall
Chichester University - Common room
Office Design for UP Teapoint
Restaurant Design for Ojo Rojo
Victoria Hills
CEO & Founder Inspire HR Solutions
Using her 20 years of experience in HR, Victoria knows precisely how to effectively drive upgrades in the corporate world. She is always on hand to offer insight and perspective on best practice and is delighted to share her thoughts on how to increase the benefits of professional skills.

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Student's testimonials
Margaret Davidson
Serious fundamental education on interior design courses online. An understanding of the beautiful is formed during training, from scratch to a complete design project. Here they teach not the reproduction of actual interiors, but give extensive knowledge, based on which you can work in your own direction.
If you only knew how afraid I was going to study with absolute zero knowledge. During the home interior design course, we had personal coaches who helped with all the ensuing questions. The platform is convenient, homework is checked quickly.
Dustin Nelson
Theresa Ross
Passed a 5-week course on "Interior Design" at ICS. The curriculum for classes is very intense but interesting. During the interior design training, you can do your own project, so I created the design of my house under the guidance of experienced teachers and was satisfied.
I liked the program of courses at ICS - everything is in practice, real tasks and real clients. Teachers obviously care, because they demand that every student's work is developed to the maximum. I enjoyed learning interior designing for beginners online and I feel like my level is growing. Many thanks!
Karl Miller
Natalia Kowal
Theresa Ross
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