Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization Course
Master the procedures of injectable cosmetology: mesotherapy of the face and head, injectable biorevitalization and fat-burning microinjections.
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Training duration

per week
practical lessons
3 hours each
1. Mesotherapy of the face
The administration of special therapeutic serums rich in useful acids, vitamins, trace elements and natural plant extracts into the skin.
You will learn to
2. Injectable biorevitalization
The administration of hyaluronic acid into the skin, which is responsible for the water balance in the tissue.
4. Mesotherapy of the head
The administration of preparations into the scalp that help fight baldness, improve the quality and appearance of hair.
3. Fat-burning injections
The administration of a special preparation (lipolytic) into the skin, which helps to reduce fat deposits and cellulite.

Course programme

Participate in virtual classes or watch the recorded sessions
Ask questions and chat with a live expert
Study materials
Your lecturer will answer your questions personally
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
100% interactive course

Mesotherapy techniques

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Practicing techniques on a silicone dummy
Techniques of injections
Skin types
Stages of the procedure
Safety rules
1. Indications and contra-indications for mesotherapy
2. Questions of asepsis and safety of procedures, organization of the workplace
3.Patient preparation, patient's medical file, informed consent, recommendations after the procedure
4. Classification and pharmacology of mesopreparations, rules for making mesotherapy cocktails
5. Techniques for the administration of mesotherapy preparations (nappage, papular, retrograde-linear)
6. Anatomy and structure of the skin
7. Skin types (Fitzpatrick skin table)
8. Schemes of work with the face and body, calculation of the volume and depth of preparation administration
9. Stages of mesotherapy treatment
10. Possible complications, side effects, and ways to correct them
You will practice

Biorevitalization and mesotherapy of the face

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Working out in practice: face, cleavage area (model)
Skin anatomy
Course prescription
Preparations usage
Anti-age procedures
1. Anatomical and physiological bases of epithelial tissues during biorevitalization
2. Indications and contraindications
3. Preparing of preparations and their combinations
4. Anti-age preparations. Groups. Mechanisms of action, release forms, indications
You will practice

Lipolytic mesotherapy

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Working out practical skills on models under the guidance of a teacher: fat-burning injections

Lipolytics selection
Scheme of procedure
Choice of preparations
Techniques of injections
1. The mechanism of action of lipolytics, indications for the procedure, restrictions and contraindications, main side effects
2. Stages of the procedure, the achieved result from injections of lipolytics
3. Types of lipolytics for weight loss, creams, cocktails to drink, capsules and pills, injections
4. Names and descriptions of lipolytic preparations
5. Rules and techniques of administrations for cellulite and local fat deposits
You will practice

Mesotherapy of the head

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Working out practical skills on models under the guidance of a teacher: mesotherapy of the head

Scalp problems
Course indications
Scheme of sessions
1. Trichological problems and indications for meso-correction
2. Preparations and their combinations
3. Correction schemes and preparation administration techniques
You will practice
Participate in virtual classes or watch the recorded sessions
Ask questions and chat with a live expert
Study materials
Your lecturer will answer your questions personally
100% interactive course
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.
You want to improve your expert level in the Beauty industry

The course will be suitable if:

You want to develop your own business
You want a new experience
You want to improve your practical skills
If you are looking to add to your skillset and reach new clients with lucrative and in-demand procedures, this course not only provides the knowledge you need but the practical skills and insurance-backed qualifications that let you use them professionally.
With such valuable skills, you can begin earning as soon as you have completed the course. The procedures are in constant demand with clients actively seeking those who can deliver the treatment they are looking for, ensuring that your business can see growth quickly as you introduce the new services.
Are you a professional who wants to expand the range of services they offer to their clients? Or a beginning cosmetologists with medical education?
If you've already learned other beauty techniques, but you would like to improve your skills in Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization, you should enrol on this course. So you can learn more about injection cosmetology what can be a great service to offer to your clients.
If you have no experience in Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization for face, body or hair treatment, this course is ideal for you! You'll get all the fundamental knowledge about that procedure, tips and expert recommendations. In the end, you will learn how to do meso-session within a short period.
The eLearning platform

How are classes delivered?
Virtual classes
Home tasks
During your course, you will get practical and written tasks to complete outside of the scheduled lessons (home study). Our expert tutors will check your work and give you regular feedback, which will go towards your accredited certification.

We keep our students constantly motivated by providing them with regular feedback and a direct channel of communication with each other and our practising experts. Live tutors share professional up-to-date information and will help you keep on track to complete your qualification with confidence.
As soon as your course starts you'll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with tutor and other learners in your class.
You do virtual face-to-face training with a tutor in a small group. You ask questions and get answers. Training is also available in the recording if you miss the class but the live participation stimulates your progress.
Study and earn
Injection cosmetology procedures are a popular method of solving age-related problems among cosmetologists' clients. These in-demand treatments are extremely lucrative and can only be administered by qualified cosmetologists. On completion of the course, you will have valuable additional skills that employers are looking for, or for the self-employed, will open up a new market and additional services. A great investment in yourself and your business, having the ability to carry out these procedures opens new revenue streams and allows access to new clients.
Be self-employed: check some rates for freelancers
1 session for face
1 session for neck & decolletage
1 course of 6 sessions for hair treatment
Vacancies are open in UK
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Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization course:

⦁ Theoretical course

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Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization course:

⦁ Theoretical course
⦁ Practical sessions with procedure demonstration
⦁ The authorization by ATB's insurance

To enrol on this full course you must have appropriate medical training.

Course fee

A Personal Certificate will be presented to you after you have completed the course.


Personal certificate
Your CV right after the course

Key competences:

Practical skills of performing mesotherapy, injectable biorevitalization and fat-burning injections

The indications and contra-indications for injection cosmetology procedures

The performing the procedures safely by following an established security protocol

The skin diagnostic and the selection of the appropriate procedures for its correction and improvement.

Career opportunities

As soon as you graduate, you'll receive a personal certificate of completion. This certificate will allow you to become a freelancer and start taking on tasks.

Awarded once both aspects of the course, theory and practical, have been completed, the Certificate of Completion is more than a qualification. The course is accredited by the UK's largest beauty insurer, the ABT, and certificate holders will be able to obtain full professional insurance coverage to protect against civil claims in the case of unforeseen consequences such as allergic reactions. With cover through Link, you can safely and legally carry out these procedures, your value as a cosmetologist increases significantly.
Course schedule
7 - 8 : 30 p.m
4 weeks
June 2021
Tues, Thurs
Virtual training with recording
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