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An expert-led practical course which helps you to learn how to record podcasts from scratch, acquire speakers' skills and earn from podcast production projects.
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A Podcast Producer is an in-demand profession
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Announcing is a creative field where you can realize your own ideas. You can get a job in a recording studio or develop projects on a freelance basis.
> 519 vacancies are currently open in the UK
You can get a job or projects on a freelance basis.
>£24000 earnings first year
This is a creative field where you can implement your own ideas.
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The course will be suitable if:

You would like to do voice acting
You Work in Media
You will create Audio Content
You will understand the specifics of speaking, learn how to control your voice, and narrate with different modulation. You will not only be able to take commercial orders for narration , but also launch your own podcast!
If you have long dreamed of narrating movies, games or audiobooks, then this course will give you all the necessary skills to start. You will understand the specifics of submitting different formats of material, you will be able to change your voice, and learn how to read both monologue and dialogue.
This course is suitable for people who want to improve their audio skills. You will learn to highlight the main points in the text and place accents competently. You can get rid of clips and fear of the microphone.
You will explore in detail the popular channel of communication with the audience - podcasts. You will be able to develop content for the podcast: from idea to script. Learn how to make high-quality recordings and post on popular platforms.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
Set breath and voice for the broadcast
You will feel confident in any project. Your voice will not tremble, your speech will be clear and competent, without mistakes and pauses.
/ 01
How to narrate movies, audiobooks, commercials, and tech. offers
Try yourself in any genre. Embody the dream of cinema or narrate your favourite novel.
/ 02
How to record podcasts and accomplish high-quality editing
Podcasts are a popular theme for your own project. You will become a pro and will be able to delight your listeners not only with speech, but also with interesting monologues and dialogues.
/ 03
/ 04
The course will also teach you how to promote yourself and introduce you to popular podcast platforms.
Host and promote podcasts on platforms

Course programme

practical workshop
per week
each workshop is 2 hours

Lesson 1

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Breathing dynamics .

⦁ Development of a different manner of information submission.

⦁ The teacher will evaluate the result of the task and analyze it in detail with you.
Logical pauses
Customize text
Breathing dynamics
1. Acquaintance with the profession
2. Announcements
3. Placing stresses in text
4. Stamps in reading
5. Preparing text for narration
6. Customize text to fit your style
7. Speech range development exercises
You will practice

Lesson 2

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Study intonation using exercises.
1. Intonation Methods
2. The concept of a logical perspective
3. Logical and psychological intonations
4. Voice expressiveness
5. Highlighting the main thought
6. Types of intonations when reading texts
7. Intonation development exercises
You will practice

Lesson 3

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Working with a microphone: methods of removing fear.

⦁ Prepare a message for radio news.

News text
Source of information
News broadcasting
1. Building News Text
2. Specifics of vocabulary
3. News Preparation for Radio
4. Working with Information Sources
5. News broadcasting
6. Working with a microphone
7. Methods of removing fear
8. Clamp Removal Techniques
You will practice

Lesson 4

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Re-imagining a cartoon and excerpt from a feature film.

⦁ Define your voice type.

⦁ Training of "lipsing" technique.
Voice type
Lipsing technique
1. Voiceover and dubbing
2. Orphoepia and Stress Standards
3. Re-imagining cartoons
4. Reading complex letters
5. Voice over ads, games and documentaries
6. Using Interactive Voice Response
7. IVR Writing Tasks and Nuances
8. Voice greeting types
You will practice

Lesson 5

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Working with a microphone: reading dialogue and monologue.
Affecting speech
Reading Dialogue
Accents in text
1. Audio Book Specifics
2. The concept of "theatre at the microphone"
3. Laws of acting speech
4. Rules for preparation for artistic reading
5. Highlighting "complex" words
6. Questions When Working with Text
7. Differences in reading dialogue and monologue
You will practice
Lesson 6
and tools
You will learn
⦁ Choose the format and genre of your podcast.
Technique for recording
Image of the author
Working on a podcast
1. Podcast Format Perspectives
2. Recording equipment
3. Formats and genres
4. Author type in podcasts
5. Podcast Steps
6. Placement Sites
7. Storytelling
8. Examples of successful podcasts
You will practice

Lesson 7

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Preparing material for the podcast: script and design
Visual learner
1. Concept development
2. Find Theme for Release
3. Select Podcast Name
4. Cover Design
5. Script Writing
6. Podcast Text Description
7. Frequency of records output
8. Working with a guest: interview techniques
You will practice

Lesson 8

content and tools
You will learn
⦁ Preparation of equipment for recording.

⦁ Recording "trailer" and pilot podcast.
Recording a Podcast
Pilot Podcast
Set up a record
1. House recording equipment
2. Programs for creating a podcast
3. Record on phone and computer
4. Recording in the studio
5. Conditions for quality sound
6. Prepare location and adjust sound
7. Work on the "trailer" podcast
8. Recording of the first release
You will practice

Lesson 9

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Self-installation of the pilot podcast.

⦁ Add music.
Sound effects
Adobe Audition
1. Programs for installation
2. Software Capabilities
3. Installation Steps
4. Record processing
5. Sound design in podcasts
6. Find music for release
7. Using sound effects
8. TA for installation
You will practice
Audio processing

Lesson 10

and tools
You will learn
⦁ Hosting the podcast.
Hosting Platform
RSS Stream
1. Hosting Platform Services
2. Hosting a podcast
3. Generating a Link for an RSS Stream
4. Platform Requirements
5. Register with and download iTunes
6. Clubhouse format
7. Podcast Promotion
8. Promotional Integrations in Release
You will practice
How the course is delivered
Participate in live lessons with a teacher in an online class.
Live Online Lessons
Communicate with classmates and the teacher in a closed Telegram chat room.
Homework & Support
Community & Feedback
Do your homework on the platform and get teacher comments on your work.
Face-to-face Online Lessons
Effective learning
Classes are held live in a small group. During the class, the teacher explains the topic of the lesson and answers students' questions live.

Don't worry - if you miss a lesson, it will be available in a recording on the platform.
Stay motivated with our live community
Live chatting with your group mates
You will not be alone through all your study. We get all our students together on group chats where you are able to post your photos, ask questions and share your success!

The best way to maintain your motivation is getting live feedback from the teacher and your group mates.
Kally Adderkin-Hall
Journalist, Presenter and Producer
I am a former BBC Journalist, Presenter and Producer. I worked for several years on the BBC News channel before taking a break to raise my family. I hold two BA Hons Degrees, the first in Contemporary History and the second in Theology. I also hold a Post Grad Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. My current role is as Executive Producer at Kah Productions. We produce films for a wide variety of corporate clients as well as work with the charity sector to promote causes with promotional material. Our corporate client portfolio includes household names such as McDonald's, Naked Wines and Dulux. Our charity clients include several adoption charities as well as ex-services charity Heropreneurs and homeless charity Bread of Life.
«Podcasting is a great way of taking a deep dive into a subject whilst on the go. No need to set time aside to watch a video or read an article. Podcasts are for learning, developing, challenging or just simply relaxing.»

Your teacher

Victoria Hills
CEO & Founder Inspire HR Solutions
Using her 20 years of experience in HR, Victoria knows precisely how to effectively drive upgrades in the corporate world. She is always on hand to offer insight and perspective on best practice and is delighted to share her thoughts on how to increase the benefits of professional skills.

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Rosalie Simmons
After the course, I was finally able to realize my dream - to create a podcast!
I wanted to start a career on the radio for a long time. At the course I gathered a portfolio for the first audition, the teacher helped pull up weaknesses in the diction, so now I feel more confident!
Xamira Taylor
Kaleb Young
I wanted to do freelance voice acting, voice commercials or participate in animated projects as a dubbing actor.
The course program helped to train my voice and clear my speech of parasite words, so now I am actively sending out my portfolio and have already received several invitations!
Wallace Baker
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Key competencies:

Competent speech of professional level

Delivered Diction

Voice skills of a film or video standard

Audio Book Voice Skills

Ability to record a podcast

Working with Adobe Audition
Job opportunities

180 vacancies for podcast producers were scanned on After analysing the data, this course was designed to incorporate the current demands of the market. We guarantee that your skills will be up to date.
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