Sound design
Take this practical tutor-led course for beginners, learn how to create and process authors' samples and sound effects, and start earning in sound design
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A Sound Designer is an in-demand profession
>520 vacancies are open in the UK
This profession is in demand in various fields: from the music industry, advertising to video games and film production
High demand for freelance services
Private studios and large companies are constantly looking for new sound design specialists
A beginner sound designer earns from £770 per month
You will be able to create a portfolio and start taking the first orders on the freelance exchange and build your own work schedule
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The course will be suitable if:

You want to improve skills in music
You want to earn extra income
You are interested in music
The course is suitable if you are interested in becoming a sound design professional. You are at the beginning of your journey and you want to develop a portfolio and upgrade your skills to start a career.
You create the visual part of the video and want to develop the musical skill to enhance the work in terms of sound, and save on contractors.
You are already working with music and want to improve your sound production skills and try yourself in a new popular musical direction.
You are fond of music and want to start making money with it, so you need to gain structural knowledge and practical skills in the popular direction of sound design.
We'll help you to achieve the profession you dream of, from scratch to your first earnings
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We will immerse you in the profession
You will get a quick start in the profession
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We will help you create a portfolio
Create three of your own samples
Record two musical compositions
Create at least six sound effects
Learn to voice game characters and their actions
You will be able to select and create audio for video
Create your first projects and portfolio
Learn how to process sound and create sound effects
You will be able to create musical compositions for movies and games
Learn to use professional sound design software

Course programme

practical workshop
per week
each workshop is 2 hours

Profession Sound designer

content and tools
- Searching for references for a specific query
- Recording sounds on a microphone (or other available equipment)
1. Tasks of a sound designer
2. Selection of and working with equipment
3. Popular programs for working with music and sounds
4. Reference inspiration
5. Props selection
6. File formats and their differences
You will practice
You will learn
File formats

Sound and music

content and tools
- Selection of suitable sounds for the video according to its features
1. The specifics of sound in movies, music, games
2. Psychological features of human sound perception
3. Notes, intervals, modes and chords
4. Matching sound and picture
You will practice
You will learn
Sound and video
Frets and chords
Film sound
Sound perception

Ableton Live Interface

content and tools
- Modifying finished files
- Export files in different formats
1. Ableton Live interface and features overview
2. Using hotkeys
3. Sound Creation and Processing Tools
4. Working with audio track and midi track
5. Interaction with files and their export
You will practice
You will learn
Audio track
Hot buttons
File export
Ableton Live

Samples and MIDI

content and tools
- Creating Your Own Sample Library
- Come up with your own samples and process already created samples
1. Digital Data Transfer between Musical 2. Instruments (MIDI)
3. Working with MIDI
4. Search for ready-made samples and create your own
5. Sample Library (set of sounds)
6. Dynamic, frequency and spatial sound processing
You will practice
You will learn
Sample Library
Sound processing

Sound synthesis

content and tools
- Installing plug-ins with synthesisers to the program
- Creating sounds with synthesisers
- Setting up the oscillators
1. Types of synthesisers
2. Working with synthesisers in Ableton Live
3. Installing additional plug-ins with synthesisers
4. Timbre, pitch, duration and volume of sound
5. Granular synthesis
6. Morphing: Controlling Signal A - Signal B
7. Setting up an oscillator - a sound wave generator
8. Creating Layers for Drums and Synths
You will practice
You will learn
Granular synthesis

Sound effects

content and tools
- Creating sound effects with your voice and tools
- Processing sound effects in the program
1. Services for finding ready-made sound effects
2. SFX and HFX - sound effects base
3. Voice recording for sound effects
4. Recording sounds of varying complexity
5. Examples of creating commonly used sound effects
You will practice
You will learn
Effects Processing
Whoosh and Boom
Voice recording
Sound Effect Base

Plug-ins and noise

content and tools
- Working with standard plug-ins and installing third-party
- Removing noise from recordings
1. Using standard plug-ins for variety in sounds
2. Installing and working with third-party plug-ins
3. Creating noise (Noise generators)
4. Getting rid of noise in the recording
You will practice
You will learn
Plug-in Installation
Getting rid of noise
Noise generator

Sound processing

content and tools
- Processing audio files using equalisation, spatial processing and automation
1. Equalisation - correction, amplification or reduction of the frequency range of sound
2. Creating surround and live sounds
3. Automation: changes to any of the track's controllers
4. Modulation effects
You will practice
You will learn
Live Sounds
Modulation effects

Musical composition and arrangement

content and tools
- Creating a musical composition
- Using virtual musical instruments
1. Components of a musical composition
2. Parsing the structure of tracks
3. Analysis of tracks in different styles of performance
4. Creating a musical composition using virtual instruments
You will practice
You will learn
Track styles
Track structure
Virtual Instruments
Musical composition

Working with vocals

content and tools
- Recording audio using your voice
- Processing audio with voice using AutoTune
1. Vocal recording and processing
2. Services with pre-recorded voices for songs
3. Vocal settings: distortions, saturators
4. Voice Synthesis
5. AutoTune voice correction (Melodyne and settings in Ableton)
You will practice
You will learn
Voice Synthesis
Vocal processing

Mixing and mastering

content and tools
- Mixing and mastering
- Resolving frequency conflicts
- Creating a music mix
1. Stages of mixing music
2. Resolution of frequency conflicts
3. Pre-mastering (reference sound)
4. Track mastering
5. Creating a mix
You will practice
You will learn
Track mastering
Mixing music

Video and audio

content and tools
- Voice-over of a video in cartoon format and video created based on motion design
- Mixing sound with video clips
1. Sounding objects in the video
2. Static and dynamic objects
3. Analysis of sounds and background music for different types of objects
4. Sound atmosphere: selection of music and sounds
5. Audio mixing for video
6. Adding music and sounds to the desired video sequence
You will practice
You will learn
Audio mixing for video
Sound atmosphere
Dynamic objects
Item voice acting

Music in video games

content and tools
- Creating background sounds and music for a video game
1. Game sound design
2. The specifics of musical composition in games
3. Creation of musical compositions for video games
4. Song Transitions
5. Background sounds (rain, wind, crowd, etc.)
You will practice
You will learn
Composition for video games
Background sounds
Game Sound Design

Sounds in video games

content and tools
- Design sounds for the character, actions and objects for the video game segment
1. The specifics of sounds in games
2. Character voice acting
3. Adding Character Action Sounds
4. Sounds of objects
5. Analysis of working with audio files in the Unity program: an overview
You will practice
You will learn
Composition for video games
Action sounds
Audio in Unity
Character voice acting

Team and client work

content and tools