We are hiring a tutor for the 3ds Max Modelling online course

Join our team to develop your professional skills, get a flexible schedule and work together on interesting projects!
Tutor for 3D Modelling online course
freelance, project work
(remote due COVID-19)
5 weeks
The Teacher for the Online 3ds Max course will teach the students the usage of the tools of 3ds Max for modelling various 3D objects. In general, a 3D Visualiser creates 3D objects and photorealistic images. 3D project skills are in demand on freelance exchanges.
Our ideal candidate should have a native level of English.

Through this online course, our tutor can help students to learn how to:

⦁ Object modelling
⦁ Create materials and textures
⦁ Camera and lighting settings
⦁ Create seamless textures
⦁ Spline and polygon modelling
⦁ Project rendering using V-ray render
  • Be an expert in using common tools and apps
    Professional software: 3ds Max, V-Ray
    Good skills in how to work with different textures, materials, types of lights and how to create various forms and objects.

  • Inspire others
    Do you have any story about your tutor experience? Have you ever tried to guide others into the great world of the 3D modelling? Please share with us!
    Our tutor should use active communication skills to collaborate with our students to explain technical things in a comfy way.
  • Remote work
    Following the new lifestyle, you can become a tutor directly from your home office. All you need are just a well-equipped workplace with setting up for online webinars (preferably for Zoom), stable speed of the Internet and necessary software tools.


Although we give to every tutor a detailed presentation according to the course, we would be glad that the tutors can bring their own experience and attitude to create a motivating and supportive environment for students to learn. After each lesson tutor should provide individual attention, personalized feed-back for their homework.
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