We are hiring a tutor for the Floral Design course

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Tutor for Floral Design online course
freelance, project work

10-12 weeks
Role and Responsibilities:

The Florist will be responsible for the following:

  • Conduct 10 sessions of the Floral design course using the prepared curriculum and methodological materials;

  • Course duration: 10 sessions of 2 hours (120 min each lesson). Lessons once per week.

  • To support learners throughout their course ensuring they learn the right knowledges and skills to ensure completion of the course programme;

  • To assess learners' homework and provide feedback to support learners to improve and achieve their maximum potential;

  • To monitor students' learning and provide a high-quality learning experience (remotely by the eLearning platform);

  • To set up group sessions for learners' support to help those who are struggling in the course;

  • To participate in marketing and promotion activities to support a range of programmes and learning opportunities.
  • The Floral Design Tutor will require the following:
    • Related education / certificates confirming qualification in the field of the Floral design.
    • Min 2 years of experience in working as a florist;
    • Possess knowledge of care and handling of potted and cut flowers;
    • Ability to assemble bouquets in different styles and for different purposes;
    • Knowledge of the basics of floristry;
    • Teaching or mentoring experience are a plus.
    • Must be flexible to work remotely, on evenings or weekends (up to 20-25 hrs per month).
    • The successful applicant will be enthusiastic, have excellent interpersonal skills and be keen to achieve high standards of teaching and learning.
  • Inspire others
    Do you have any story about your tutor experience? Have you ever tried to guide others into the great world of the Floral Design? Please share with us!
    Our tutor should use active communication skills to collaborate with our students to explain difficult things in a comfy way.
  • Remote work
    Following the new lifestyle, you can become a tutor directly from your home office. All you need are just a well-equipped workplace with setting up for online webinars (preferably for Zoom), stable speed of the Internet and necessary software tools.


Although we give to every tutor a detailed presentation according to the course, we would be glad that the tutors can bring their own experience and attitude to create a motivating and supportive environment for students to learn. After each lesson tutor should provide individual attention, personalized feed-back for their homework.
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